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About Pierce-Roberts Rubber Company

Founded in 1911, Pierce-Roberts Rubber Company manufactures high quality custom rubber parts. Through the belief that a product can only be as good as the parts that construct it, Pierce-Roberts strives for excellence in the rubber product manufacturing process for the purpose of providing exceptional molded rubber products. Pierce-Roberts has the knowledge, experience, staff, and facilities to serve a variety of industries, including...

Aerospace Air and Fluid Control Electronics Gaming
Fire Protection Food Processing Hydraulic Marine
Medical Military Scientific  

Customers that rely on Pierce-Roberts are relying on nearly a century of experience and service for their molded rubber product needs. From beginning to end, Pierce-Roberts works for you and with you to ensure that you receive more than what you need. Pierce-Roberts customers get a product that matches specifications and service that exceeds expectation.

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A History of Exceptional Service in Molded Rubber Products

Pierce-Roberts Rubber Company has operated on the standards of honesty and integrity since the beginning. Pierce- Roberts is dedicated to upholding these standards with every job, for every customer, in every molded rubber part. Customer trust is supported by the original solid service and continues to this day. Pierce-Roberts Rubber Company has positioned itself as a leading rubber product manufacturer by understanding and filling customer needs. Our capabilities include custom molding, custom mixing, custom formulating, compression, transfer and injection molding, die cutting, turn-key operations and rapid prototyping.

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Our sales team and our technical staff are knowledgeable and work with customers to ensure precision molded rubber parts. We commit to understanding customers'needs and to making sure customers know what we will do to fill their needs. No matter the volume of an order, customers can be sure Pierce-Roberts gives proper priority and care. No customer deserves anything less.

Welcoming Par-Lin Precision to the Pierce-Roberts Family

In 2023, Pierce-Roberts Rubber Company Inc. acquired Par-Lin Precision Products Inc. Pierce-Roberts is a world leader in customer rubber solutions and a specialist in rubber to metal bonding. For 111 years we have been the trusted source for the most demanding applications in the defense, aerospace, medical device, material handling, and OEM industries. Par-Lin has been our trusted supplier for custom machined inserts the last 40 years. This was the next step in the evolution of our business and will help shape our growth moving forward. Our transition is only natural. Combined now with Par-Lin, Pierce-Roberts can offer customers a full turn key item.  Our services include polymer engineering, compression, transfer, injection molding, close tolerance machined inserts for bonding and over-molding. For a custom metal or rubber application we are a complete source. All manufacturing will be under our ISO 9001; 2015 system, giving another advantage to supply chain management. Pierce-Roberts is also NIST and ITAR registered. Please note the new Par-Lin email address: All other contact information remains the same.

Pierce-Roberts Rubber Company Implements New Responsive Website Showcasing Wide Range of Products and Services

Trenton, New Jersey: Pierce-Roberts Rubber Company announced on Thursday, December 21, 2017, their new top-level responsive website to promote the products and services, specializing in the manufacturing of high-quality custom rubber parts and products. Benefiting the electronics, scientific, aerospace, marine, military, medical, and gaming markets, among many others, Pierce-Roberts is looking to display its substantial line of services, including rubber to metal bonding, custom mixing and formulating, and rapid prototyping.

A more comprehensive list of services and products offered by Pierce-Roberts Rubber Company can be found here:

Pierce-Roberts has been a leader in the rubber manufacturing industry since 1911, practicing the belief that a product can only be as good as the parts that construct it, striving for excellence, and providing exceptional molded rubber products. With a customer base relying on the company’s century-plus standards of reliability and integrity, Pierce-Robert’s latest web-based development will continue its goals in providing information through a state-of-the-art online experience. Regardless of the volume of an order, Pierce Roberts has always ensured that its customers will be given proper priority and care, promising that no customer deserves any less than first-class service. Through the use of high-quality imagery and concise textual information, the website exhibits Pierce-Roberts exceptional knowledge, experience, and facilities in servicing a variety of industries and markets.

Users who visit the website are able to gain a clear sense of the multitude of services and products offered by the industry leader through a cutting-edge user-friendly platform designed specifically to educate consumers, promote product offerings, and inform the company’s clients of its high-standards in manufacturing.

About Pierce-Roberts Rubber Company

Pierce-Roberts Rubber Company is an ISO 9001:2015 registered leading rubber manufacturer in Trenton, New Jersey. Using climate-controlled laboratories within a 40,000 square foot production facility, and incorporating both electric and steam presses for a full range of transfer and compression capabilities, Pierce-Roberts ensures all products are tested by the company’s highly-skilled engineers through a vigorous production cycle. Adhering to a strict schedule by keeping raw materials in-house, Pierce-Roberts is able to undertake all-volume jobs, small and large, making it easier to meet each customer’s orders with superior standards.

Trust Pierce-Roberts for more than high-quality molded rubber products.

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