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Rubber in the Aerospace Industry

Pierce-Roberts Rubber Company is a leader in rubber part production for the aerospace industry. Rocket propulsion…space exploration…optimum aircraft performance…Pierce-Roberts has a reputation for innovation and reliability in the manufacturing of the necessary rubber parts.

Satellite Equipment
Satellites are essential to today’s technology. The world relies on satellite communication, radio or television broadcasting, weather monitoring, GPS navigation, etc. The requirements for the design and construction of satellites are strict. Satellites must operate in extreme conditions while maintaining dependability. Pierce-Roberts rubber parts use durable elastomer materials that resist damage even in the harsh environment of space.

Pierce-Roberts streamlines satellite assembly by detecting potential problems early. The result is optimum turnaround. Pierce-Roberts has the knowledge, experience, and tools that reduce redesigning and delays in satellite equipment releases.

Rocket Motor Housings
Understanding the complexity of rocket propulsion has allowed humans to begin the exploration of space. Rocket motors burn solid grain propellant to generate large amounts of thrust necessary to leave the planet. If these motors fail, the lives of explorers and their missions are jeopardized. Trust Pierce-Roberts for the rubber parts that help house rocket motors safely and effectively.

Conductive Rubber Gaskets
Pierce-Roberts conductive rubber gaskets have the same resilience as a silicone sponge. As the thin conductive dispersion cures, a very flexible and resilient surface is formed. Soft. Medium. Firm. Pierce-Roberts rubber gaskets can be custom molded to exact density specifications.

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