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Pierce-Roberts Rubber Co.

Rubber in the Air and Fluid Control Industry

Pierce-Roberts specializes in the strict sizing and tolerance applications necessary for the air and fluid control industry. Pierce- Roberts rubber products are meticulously inspected to assure precision and quality.

Rubber Sanitary Gaskets
Rubber sanitary gaskets prevent leaks in pipeline systems for the food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries. Pierce-Roberts provides elastomers for different sanitary rubber gasket applications. Less likely to adhere to equipment fittings and lines, our rubber sanitary gaskets have the lowest compression set. Eliminate loss of product, improve quality control, lower costs of frequent replacements, and reduce downtime and labor costs.

Molded Rubber Poppets
A poppet is part of an intake or exhaust valve that plugs and unplugs its opening by axial motion. Pierce-Roberts molded rubber poppets control the flow of fluid in heart valves, piston engines, internal-combustion engines, etc. Cylinder head design and fuel or air flow speed are critical to engine performance. Pierce-Roberts designs superior poppets to exact specifications for rapid air and fluid flow.

Rubber Diaphragms
Pierce-Roberts rubber diaphragms serve as a barrier between two chambers or as a device that vibrates when certain frequencies are applied. Typical design varies air pressure on one side and fluid on the other. The fluctuations in volume alternately force fluid in and out of the chamber.

Pierce-Roberts molded rubber diaphragms are tough, versatile seals that eliminate most limitations associated with other sealing methods. Applications include actuators, regulators, valve, pumps, accumulators, etc.

Molded Rubber Pump Housings
Pierce-Roberts rubber gaskets, plunger caps, rubber suction hoses, and impellers resist corrosion, abrasion, and breakdown chemicals such as pesticides and organic solvents. We use the correct rubber compound that takes into account initial pump cost, pressure, GPM (gallons per minute) and volume, priming, and available power. Applications include rolling or rotary pumps with rolling vanes and piston or diaphragm pumps.

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