Manufacturer of Custom Rubber Molded Products
Pierce-Roberts Rubber Co.

Products for Electronic Applications

Piece-Roberts Rubber Company manufactures custom rubber parts for the electronics industry. Our molded rubber strain reliefs, rubber grommets, and molded rubber insulators meet exact specifications and high quality standards.

Custom Molded Rubber Strain Relief
Strain reliefs prevent fraying or snapping of cables by displacing stress. Pierce-Roberts manufactures molded rubber strain reliefs to protect electrical devices from moisture and contaminants. Strain reliefs also provide protection by securing cables and reducing termination point stress. Rely on Pierce-Roberts for high quality custom molded rubber products to protect and secure the cables of your products.

Custom Rubber Grommets
A rubber grommet strengthens and protects an opening or insulates and protects an object passed through an opening. Pierce-Roberts provides rubber grommets of various shapes for a wide range of applications.

Pierce-Roberts commonly uses butyl or Buna N to manufacture rubber grommets which are usually one piece. Butyl or isobutylene isoprene elastomer is resistant to water, steam, alkalis, and oxygenated solvents. With low gas permeation, butyl provides high-energy absorption, and excellent hot tear strength. Buna N is a synthetic rubber compound that is resistant to solvents and oil.

At Pierce-Roberts, we specialize in high-consistency silicone rubber wire insulation resistant to damage in high-stress environments. In addition to being dielectric, silicone rubber is resistant to high, extreme temperature, abrasion, and oil. Your products perform demanding applications: rely on Pierce-Roberts to provide the tough rubber parts that keep products working.

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