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Rubber in Fire Protection

The fire protection industry must be prepared to handle the unpredictability of fires. Fires can grow to uncontrollable sizes in the blink of an eye. Structures can collapse without notice. Firefighters cannot predict the course of a fire every time but with Pierce-Roberts rubber products they can be sure their equipment will always be ready.

Molded Rubber Air Poppets
Pierce-Roberts manufactures air poppets for fire extinguishers. Portable fire extinguishers are one of the most effective and efficient items of safety equipment. They have the potential to put out fires before the sprinkler system activates or the fire department has gotten to the scene.

However, fire extinguishers are beneficial only if the parts that construct them are reliable. Pierce-Roberts molded rubber air poppets are designed to exact tolerances for correct pressured airflow. We use premium rubber compounds to withstand extreme temperatures. Our rubber air poppets allow fire extinguishers to put out fires before they become life threatening

Fire Retardant Rubber Covers
Pierce-Roberts manufactures top-of-the-line fire retardant covers for thermal imaging cameras. Firefighters use these cameras to see through smoke, find people that are trapped, and localize hot spots of fires. Thermal imaging cameras must be protected to function properly. The designers and manufacturers at Pierce-Roberts custom mold each cover with fire retardant rubber materials to any size or shape.

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