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Rubber in the Food Processing Industry

Today’s society demands that food be appetizing and uncontaminated. Pierce-Roberts Rubber Company manufactures custom molded rubber gaskets and rubber parts to help the food processing industry produce clean food that is suitable for human consumption. Through the production of high-grade molded rubber gaskets, Pierce-Roberts helps provide purified water for food processing.

Pierce-Roberts manufactures custom rubber parts for water filtration and purification equipment in the food processing industry. Our rubber gaskets prevent fluid leakage by providing a barrier between two surfaces. Regardless of temperature or pressure changes, Pierce-Roberts molded rubber gaskets hold their seal which helps maintain the quality and quantity of water. We custom mold our rubber parts to exact specifications to keep contaminants out and water in.

We also manufacture rubber gaskets from a selection of high grade elastomers. Because of the quality of the material, Pierce-Roberts sanitary rubber products are less likely to adhere to equipment fittings and lines. Additionally, our sanitary molded rubber parts have the lowest compression set for smooth production flow. With our rubber parts, customers eliminate loss of product, improve quality control, decrease frequency of replacement, and reduce breakdowns and labor costs.

Doctors recommend drinking approximately 8 glasses of water a day. Make sure water is fresh, pure, and contaminant-free with Pierce-Roberts rubber gaskets.

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