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Rubber in the Gaming Industry

Pierce-Roberts has served the lottery industry for over 40 years nationwide. We are one of a few rubber product manufacturers with the skill necessary to meet the unique needs of this industry. Specializing in the creation of lottery balls, we set the standard for developing pieces that meet color-matching and close-tolerance specifications.

Lottery balls must meet extremely close tolerances and therefore must be manufactured precisely. The balls need to be perfectly round and the weight between balls in a lot cannot exceed a quarter of a gram. The balls also come in over 25 different colors and each color lot needs to match perfectly. Pierce-Roberts is able to replicate molded rubber lottery balls with the consistency the gaming industry requires.

Rubber Products in Gaming:
Is it just the luck of the draw?

Within the lottery forecasting industry, a great deal of attention is paid to lottery balls. Theorists study the frequency of appearance rates. Many believe that a relationship exists between the variations of ball weight, density, mass color, and shape. The belief in this factor of lottery prediction is so significant that many lottery analysis software and program development designers place functions within their software applications to track and analyze the ball sets as well as the dates on which those balls appeared for those particular draws.

The prediction process is extensive, but even more so is the testing at Pierce-Roberts. Before the lottery can make someone’s financial dreams come true, each ball is tested for quality and exact tolerances. So if your lucky number doesn’t get picked, blame the numbers, not the balls.

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Rubber in the Gaming Industry