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Rubber in the Marine Industry

Pierce-Roberts leads the marine industry by constructing high quality molded rubber parts used in superior watercrafts. We manufacture durable, functional custom molded rubber products, including rubber gaskets, for all watercrafts from luxury yachts and submarines to small boats.

Molded Rubber Diesel Engine Impellers
Impellers are rotating devices that force liquids, gases, and vapors in a specific direction. Basic molded rubber impellers are a series of vanes attached to a central hub for mounting onto the diesel engine shaft.

To achieve maximum speed Pierce-Roberts designers custom molded rubber impellers to a precise number of vanes and vane angles. In addition to precision, Pierce-Roberts elastomer compounds have a long flex life in both fresh and salt water. Flexible rubber part impellers can also usually be replaced in minutes without disconnecting the pump or piping system.

Molded Rubber Gaskets
Gaskets prevent fluid or gas leaks by providing a barrier between two surfaces. Window gaskets are used to seal a glass or plastic window in a sheet metal opening. Pierce-Roberts manufactures rubber window gaskets in a variety of shapes and styles.

Hatch cover molded rubber gaskets are used in submarines for military and scientific research. The hatch cover gasket is the last barrier between the exterior water and the interior of the submarine and its crew.

We custom mold rubber gaskets for one or two-piece construction. Pierce-Roberts specializes in manufacturing die cut gaskets and extruded rubber gaskets to exact specifications. Pierce-Roberts rubber gaskets are able to maintain a strict seal during extreme pressure and temperature changes.

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