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Rubber in the Medical Industry

Pierce-Roberts is a leading manufacturer of molded rubber medical devices that meet the demanding standards for accuracy and precision. Our testing process produces rubber products that help create high-quality medical devices necessary for the implementation of modern medical technology.

Molded Rubber Medical Packaging
Packaging for medical devices requires sterility and the ability to maintain product integrity. Unique, highly engineered custom molded rubber materials from Pierce-Roberts deliver superior performance. We manufacture sealing dies for purchasing suture sets and syringes.

Rubber Masking Devices
Titanium is a bio-compatible element which is light in weight, resistant to corrosion, and ideal for replacing joints in the human body. Unfortunately, titanium itself is difficult to extract and processing can be costly. Pierce-Roberts provides rubber masking devices that are used in the manufacturing of high-quality joint replacements.

Ear Cushions
Pierce-Roberts ear cushions are used in audiometer, also called sonometer, testing. The audiometer is an electrical device which measures the ability to hear pure tones of normally audible frequencies. Our rubber ear cushions are available in red, blue, or black.

X-Ray Table Brakes
Pierce-Roberts manufactures high quality rubber brakes for portable x-ray tables. Improper brakes can result in the injury of a patient or staff member. Trust the exact specifications of Pierce-Roberts molded rubber products for durability and reliability.

Breast Biopsy Insertion Guide

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