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Rubber Products in the Military

Since 1911, Pierce-Roberts has manufactured high quality rubber products and specialized materials for military use. We manufacture rubber products to the MIL-R standard but commit to innovation, privacy, and research for the customization of rubber products worldwide.

Molded Rubber Bushings
In tracked vehicles such as tanks, rubber bushings allow quiet rotation while providing the damping and stiffness for track tension. Under higher loading, the operating temperature of the bushing increases and accelerates mechanical failure. The failure reduces the life of the track. To increase track life, we improve the life of the rubber bushing through verified applied loading conditions and optimized shape.

Molded Rubber in Chemical Detection
Chemical agents can be dangerous or even deadly if they come into contact with the skin. The degree of injury caused by a chemical agent increases with exposure time. To defend against chemical agents, many use ICAM Chemical Detector kits. The ICAM utilizes high quality molded rubber parts from Pierce-Roberts to provide superior protection against biochemical warfare.

Rubber Gaskets for Canteens
Gaskets are mechanical seals that prevent leakage between two objects while under compression. The gasket should be made from a compressible material so it can fill and seal even an irregular spaces. As an added bonus, the design allows soldiers to drink while keeping gas masks on. Water leakage or contamination can be costly for soldiers: rely on Pierce-Roberts to keep your water source clean, pure, and safely stored.

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