Manufacturer of Custom Rubber Molded Products
Pierce-Roberts Rubber Co.

Quality Assurance in Molded Rubber Products

Our company was founded on honesty and integrity, but our business was founded on quality. Accordingly, Pierce-Roberts Rubber Company is proud to be ISO 9001:2015 registered since 2001. Whether our molded parts are manufactured according to ASTM, MIL-R, or customer specifications, Pierce-Roberts guarantees a superior rubber product worthy of international standards.

Pierce-Roberts uses climate-controlled laboratories that regulate temperature, humidity, and dust. Controlling climate inside the 40,000 square foot production facility decreases the chances of climate variables detracting from the quality of the finished product.

Pierce-Roberts' skilled engineers test products through various stages of the production cycle. In house, we stock natural and synthetic rubber materials. Because we at Pierce-Roberts undertake large and small volume jobs, we must maintain efficient scheduling. Keeping our raw materials in-house helps us adhere to a strict schedule. Each customer's order is mixed individually to meet custom standards or ASTM or MIL-R standards. Pierce-Roberts uses advanced formulators to ensure each ingredient is measured to a hundredth of a pound.

We incorporate both electric and steam presses for full range of transfer and rubber compression molding capabilities. Pierce-Roberts can provide up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and 300 tons of pressure to provide excellence in manufacturing. Pierce-Roberts Rubber Company also assists customers in the modeling and construction of their custom part.

From the beginning, Pierce-Roberts institutes quality control.

Trust Pierce-Roberts Rubber Company for more than high quality molded rubber products. Located in Trenton, New Jersey, Pierce-Roberts has treated customers with the priority we would want for ourselves since 1911. Trust Pierce-Roberts to do the same for your business.


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