Manufacturer of Custom Rubber Molded Products
Pierce-Roberts Rubber Co.

Research and Development Services for Molded Rubber Products

Since 1911, Pierce-Roberts Rubber Company has manufactured high quality custom rubber parts. And with our advanced research and development services, we continue to be a reliable supplier of superior rubber products. Committed to maintaining our reputation as a top-notch manufacturer of custom engineered rubber parts, we ensure that all of our quality products meet high industry standards and exceed customer expectations. And, with our advanced research and development services, which include consulting, material selection, and prototyping, we guarantee our custom-built rubber products meet exact client specifications.

By subjecting our finished parts to a variety of rigorous tests, including failure, fatigue, strain, and thermal analyses, we guarantee our products meet precise performance requirements. Plus, we are staffed with an expert technical support team dedicated to answering client questions or resolving any technical difficulties. At Pierce-Roberts Rubber Company, we offer our customers' a variety of support services, as well as comprehensive research and developement operations, which help us to maintain our reputation for supplying high-quality rubber products and rubber manufacturing services.

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Research and Design


General Capabilities
  • Consulting
  • Design
  • Prototyping
  • Research & Development
Industry Focus
  • Aerospace
  • Chemical
  • Dairy
  • Electronic
  • Gaming
  • Fire Protection
  • Food Processing
  • Marine
  • Medical
  • Military
Industry Standards
  • ANSI
  • American National Standards Institute
  • ASTM
  • American Society for Testing and Materials
    • D2000
  • FDA
  • Food and Drug Administration
  • ISO
  • International Organization for Standardization
    • ISO 9001:2015
  • Mil-Spec
  • Military Specifications
  • RoHS
  • Restriction Of Hazardous Substances (Compliant)
  • SAE
  • Society of Automotive Engineers
Engineering Analysis
  • Failure Analysis
  • Fatigue Analysis
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Performance Measurement
  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Strain Analysis
  • Stress Analysis
  • Thermal Analysis
Engineering Discipline
  • Chemical
  • Mechanical
Engineering Process
  • Molding
    • Compression
    • Injection
    • Transfer
  • Materials Selection and Application
Product Engineering
  • Frac Plugs
  • Outdoor Dance Floors
Additional Services Provided
  • Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)
  • Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)
  • Design
  • Technical Support
File Formats
  • AutoCAD (DWG,DWZ)
  • BMP
  • Bit Mapped Graphics
  • DXF
  • Drawing Interchange Format, or Drawing Exchange Format
  • GIF
  • Graphics Interchange Format
  • IGES
  • Initial Graphics Exchange Specification, ANSI file format.
  • Inventor (IDW, IPT)
  • JPG or JPEG
  • Joint Photographic Experts Group
  • PDF
  • Portable Document Format
  • Pro-E or Pro/Engineer
  • SolidWorks
  • STEP
  • Standard for the Exchange of Product Model Data
  • TIFF
  • Tagged Image File Format