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Pierce-Roberts Rubber Co.

Products for Scientific Industries

Pierce-Roberts Rubber Company manufactures high quality custom rubber products for the scientific industry. Our rubber parts are used in a variety of testing equipment and calibration components that serve a wide range of scientific applications.

SAE-approved Molded Rubber Brake Cups
The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) establishes the standards for engineering automotive vehicles. Pierce-Roberts manufactures molded rubber brake cups in accordance with SAE standards. Brakes are energy conversion devices, transforming kinetic energy into thermal energy and causing the vehicle to stop. Brake cups are essential rubber parts for sealing and reciprocating the transformation.

Accordingly, Pierce-Roberts uses different grades of rubber compounds for hot and cold temperature applications to ensure maximum performance of molded rubber brake cups. Pierce-Roberts brake cups avoid disintegration and help ensure brakes start working when you want to stop moving.

Rubber Parts in Gas Masks
Gas masks fit tightly to protect the wearer from exposure to airborne diseases and chemicals. Some gas masks cover only the nose and mouth while others use goggles and hoods to cover the head as well.

Pierce-Roberts manufactures high-quality rubber part accessories for testing standards promoted by the military. Pierce-Roberts helps provide protection to those that rely on high performance gas masks for safety.

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